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Don’t take success for granted, it needs proof each time

Don’t take success for granted, it needs proof each time

The lesson – after experiencing success in any endeavor, we cannot rest on our laurels. Success can lead to arrogance and mental and physical laziness. Many organizations fail after they succeed because they think assume they own success and forget that it needs proof each time.

Are you addicted to self-help content?

Are you addicted to self-help content?

Are you an avid consumer of self-help content – books, podcasts, ted talks, videos etc.?

Do you look forward to reading or hear something that will help you become better than what you are today?

Do you compare yourself with others and feel that you lack something and you need to work on yourself to get more socially accepted (and you really don’t know what that more means)

If you answer to the above is yes, then my friend you are not alone…

Entrepreneur's Hustle

Living the life of an entrepreneur

What differentiates successful people than the average ones? Why only a few people are able to do or achieve something that we can only admire and appreciate? Why we stop at only being an average? Through this short note, introducing you to the 40% rule coined by Dave Goggins, a Navy SEAL and world’s toughest man alive. 40% rule was brought alive by Jesse Itzler when he and his family decided to stay with the SEAL for 30 days.

An Artist

Not everyone can become an artist, but an artist can come from anywhere!

However, every work is a chance to do art, each time we get to it. We are known as an artist only if we succeed in creating art, more number of times than any other average worker. An artist need not be only from creative fields, there are artists, who work with numbers, business models and conversations. Art needs to be about intent and communication, not substances as Seth Godin would state it. He says an artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist will never be a cog in the wheel, he is driven by his own terms. Having said that, you can still see artists all around us. Sometimes, even at the supermarket, where an exceptional customer service representative uses a conversation to convert an angry customer into a raving fan. This line I happen to hear it yesterday,Read More