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PR and the art of diplomacy

Tact or diplomacy is understanding why someone is speaking or acting in a certain way and responding sensitively. Easier said than done, but if we practice this skill sincerely, we can do very well in our personal lives and specifically in our career. Sharing few tips that can help you get started on this journey, in case you are yet to take the first step!


The Client – Consultancy Chasm

PR consultancy and client relationship is almost like a marriage, few seem to be just made in heaven; while others pass through the storm almost every day, leading to an unpleasant and sour break-up. Though not easy, but the responsibility of making sure the relationship lasts is majorly on the consultancy, because unlike marriage the consultancy get paid to ensure the continuity. Read on and make sure you leave your comment with agreement or disagreement. Open to hear both side of the story.

working mothers

Pandemic and the vulnerability of working mothers

This pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to many but I believe one section of our workforce who is suffering the most is working mothers. It’s not easy to be a mom of school-going children, manages their online studies as well as tantrums, family needs and upkeep of their homes while giving 100% focus to their work. The industry leaders need to take notice of this and bring in policies that would support them in such trying times.

Mental Wellness

Is the PR industry facing a mental health crisis?

Today, we observe ‘World Mental Health Day’, a day to recognize the importance of mental wellbeing. We has PR professionals would have tired all our best to get our clients quoted in as many industry stories on mental health, but have we given a thought on mental wellbeing amongst us? Our profession is quite stressful, leading to multiple mental health issues, we need more discussion on this topic within our fraternity.

Kitna Deti Hai?

Kitna deti hai?

The obsession with print, front page coverage, Times of India, Economic Times, etc., is not going to end any time soon in India. While all the talk of strategy, analytics, integrated communication, influencer engagement etc. is good for discussion, in the end what matters is, “did you get ET?” or “When are we going to get featured in Tech Crunch?”

Love your PR partners

Love your PR partners

For corporate communicators, startup entrepreneurs and industry leaders working with PR partners or still thinking of hiring a PR partners, here are 5 reasons why you will fall in love with them. There are many more reasons than these 5, but most important thing is that they love your brand and want to see you succeed at all costs.