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Not if? But When?

Trolling today is a global menace and any brand can come under the attack with or without any agenda, hence the question brands are trying to answer is not, what if they get trolled but when? Social media today has given voice to everyone wielding a smartphone and we as brand custodians have to listen to those voices. Though not an expert on trolling but sharing few thoughts, which can be further expanding or corrected basis your feedback and experience. Please share your views in the comments below.


7 Insights I learnt from Startups

I have been working with #Startups right from early-stage to #Minicorn, #Soonicorn and #Unicorns. And eagerly looking forward to working with #Decacorn and #Hectocorn Startups. Right from 2013 to date, I have learnt hundreds of things from these brilliant #entrepreneurs, who want to make the world a better place to live. Sharing with you 7 insights that I have gathered and urging you to share more from your own experience.

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Will Indian brands ever take a stand against real social evils?

Will Indian brands ever take a stand against real social evils?

When George Floyd was murdered, many global brands came out of their comfort zones and took a stand against racial discrimination, changed their processes, branding and messaging to show solidarity with the movement #BlackLivesMatters. But in India, when thousands of country’s daughters are subject to gruesome acts of rape, murder, lynching etc., you rarely see any brand standing up and raising the voice. What stops them? Is profit everything? Will you buy from such a brand? Does #WomenLivesMatter or Migrants or Unemployment matter to brands? Will the new generation buy from brands who don’t have a purpose towards the society?