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Should Google and Facebook pay news publishers?

Should Google and Facebook pay news publishers?

Media houses and digital platforms have a symbiotic relationship. Media houses generate news and digital platforms like Google and Facebook display this news in their feeds. Platform users benefit because they can get all the news in one place; platforms benefit by increased user attention leading to increased ad revenue and publishers benefit as the platforms send the readers back to the news sites. While this issue was debated on both sides for a couple of years, suddenly Covid19 happened and many journalists lost jobs as well as media houses shut shops. Few tried to monetize their content but are yet to be successful in making readers pay for the content. Looking at the current state of news organizations, few countries have decided to force Google and Facebook to pay news publishers under competition rules. Though Google has agreed to pay news publishers $1 billion over the next three years,Read More


Not if? But When?

Trolling today is a global menace and any brand can come under the attack with or without any agenda, hence the question brands are trying to answer is not, what if they get trolled but when? Social media today has given voice to everyone wielding a smartphone and we as brand custodians have to listen to those voices. Though not an expert on trolling but sharing few thoughts, which can be further expanding or corrected basis your feedback and experience. Please share your views in the comments below.