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How much is too much, when it comes to branding

Branding and brand strategy today are some of the most clichéd and monotonous words heard in marketing conferences, board room discussions and now webinars. What has changed however is the broad definition of the term and the scope of platforms where these can be implied. From smartphone screens to tablets, laptops, inflight and travel entertainment to the parallel universe of the virtual world, the canvas for painting the brand image has exploded, almost as existentially, as the Big Bang that created the universe. And while markets, consumers, the media universe, virtual world and economies themselves are still coming to terms with this massive revolution, it is the marketing minds that hold the answers to the ultimate brand evolution. While marketing plays a key role in every stage of brand evolution and business success, the tone of advertisement commercials, best exposure to vital demographics and ROI from the process demands dedicatedRead More

Integrated Marketing

Integration Vs Expertise

What is the best way to look at a campaign? Has one consultancy manage the end-to-end execution or bring in specialists to manage each unique part of the campaign that is best suited for? Do all integrated firms have expertise all across the value chain? Can they provide the same results as multiple independent experts can bring to the table? Do Independents have the expertise of understanding the whole piece and effectively aligning to the 360-degree campaign? These are some of the things that bother brand managers and marketers, while there is no one right answer, but here are few points to consider, while planning your campaign


9 lessons we can learn from Goddess Durga

Wish you a very happy Dussehra to you all, may Goddess Durga shower her choicest blessings on you all. Goddess Durga has nine manifestations and each has a story and lesson for us to emulate and learn. As the festival comes to an end, here are nine lessons we can learn from goddess Durga and her many forms.


Not if? But When?

Trolling today is a global menace and any brand can come under the attack with or without any agenda, hence the question brands are trying to answer is not, what if they get trolled but when? Social media today has given voice to everyone wielding a smartphone and we as brand custodians have to listen to those voices. Though not an expert on trolling but sharing few thoughts, which can be further expanding or corrected basis your feedback and experience. Please share your views in the comments below.

Will Indian brands ever take a stand against real social evils?

Will Indian brands ever take a stand against real social evils?

When George Floyd was murdered, many global brands came out of their comfort zones and took a stand against racial discrimination, changed their processes, branding and messaging to show solidarity with the movement #BlackLivesMatters. But in India, when thousands of country’s daughters are subject to gruesome acts of rape, murder, lynching etc., you rarely see any brand standing up and raising the voice. What stops them? Is profit everything? Will you buy from such a brand? Does #WomenLivesMatter or Migrants or Unemployment matter to brands? Will the new generation buy from brands who don’t have a purpose towards the society?

Influencer marketing catching steam in times of Covid19

Influencer marketing catching steam in times of Covid19

How #Covid19 has given a boost to influencer marketing like never before. When it becomes difficult for consumers to the difference between real and fake news, they turn to their trusted influencers to seek advice and opinion. Influencer Marketing will see a further rise in the coming months even post covid. Check the #Infographic