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Work-life Balance paves way for Work-Life Integration in the #Covid19 Era

Since the #lockdown, work seems to have settled quite well in our homes and with that, the balance has gone on a vacation. We need to adopt the idea that few entrepreneurs have been able to successfully implement and that is called ‘Work-life Integration’, which is nothing but a holistic way of working in synergy with our overall environment, including our family and personal health. Here are a three basic recommendations that might be useful…


9 lessons we can learn from Goddess Durga

Wish you a very happy Dussehra to you all, may Goddess Durga shower her choicest blessings on you all. Goddess Durga has nine manifestations and each has a story and lesson for us to emulate and learn. As the festival comes to an end, here are nine lessons we can learn from goddess Durga and her many forms.

remote working

Is work from home making you invisible?

There are many perks of working remotely – but enhanced visibility isn’t one of them, you can easily fall into to the trap of anonymity. Here are 5 tips that can help you retain your visibility and ensure you remain relevant and respected

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Unoffice Consultancies

Are PR consultancies ready to give up their office space and service clients using virtual means even post-pandemic? Will physical office space never go out of vogue and the sector will be back to its original form when the pandemic vanishes? What will the industry and its employees expect their ideal workplace to be? What will change and what will not? These are some of the questions the industry is ceased with but no clear answer emerging yet. If you have your views on this, kindly share in the comments below.

Why people leave jobs

Why do people leave their jobs?

There are multiple reasons why people leave their jobs, sometimes combinations of many factors, yet the most famous reasons are that people leave their managers and not their companies. Of course, bosses are important reasons for employee attrition but there are other reasons as well, which needs attention, listed here are 5 initiatives companies can take to improve retention. If you know of more, kindly add in the comments section.