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4 Simple tips to ace your LinkedIn journey

4 Simple tips to ace your LinkedIn journey

LinkedIn unlike any other social platforms is focused solely on professional networking giving you access to rick user generated professional content. LinkedIn is today, where Facebook and Twitter were 5 years back with limited restrictions helping you reach more audience. The fact is that only 0.5% of users generate content on LinkedIn, and if the content is really good, it has a potential to reach even your 3rd level connections. Many friends ask me how I use LinkedIn and how I am able to write every day and how I am able to build such a large follower base, here are 4 simple tips: Your content needs to be audacious, engage on an emotional level, and also somewhat non-conventional and eyebrow lifting. Your connect should  be more personal in nature, include personal stories, life lessons, failures, something astonishing that others can learn from Post atleast 3-5 times per week. Don’t analyze and justRead More

Should Google and Facebook pay news publishers?

Should Google and Facebook pay news publishers?

Media houses and digital platforms have a symbiotic relationship. Media houses generate news and digital platforms like Google and Facebook display this news in their feeds. Platform users benefit because they can get all the news in one place; platforms benefit by increased user attention leading to increased ad revenue and publishers benefit as the platforms send the readers back to the news sites. While this issue was debated on both sides for a couple of years, suddenly Covid19 happened and many journalists lost jobs as well as media houses shut shops. Few tried to monetize their content but are yet to be successful in making readers pay for the content. Looking at the current state of news organizations, few countries have decided to force Google and Facebook to pay news publishers under competition rules. Though Google has agreed to pay news publishers $1 billion over the next three years,Read More

Lessons we can learn from GameStop fiasco

Lessons we can learn from GameStop fiasco

#PR consultants of #hedgefund managers and institutional investors had no clue what had transpired when their leaders were hosted on Fox News Media — all they appeared was emotional, without any technical understanding of how #Reddit operates, they could have better prepared them before the interview. #PRpractitioners scan the news but largely from traditional channels, platforms like Reddit are completely out of radar, the world is changing but we are not. What happened with #Gamestop was that thousands of small individual #investors did concentrated buying using sites like Reddit & #Robinhood to drive up the #stocks addressed as “meme stocks”. The lesson here is to move beyond pink papers to understand what’s actually happening in the #market, new age as well as traditional digital platforms are being actively used by investors. I am sure market experts will have more insights to teach and I want to encourage everyone to come forward andRead More

Digital Crisis

Crisis in the digital age

In an era when the smallest happenings, the faintest experiences and opinion on matters both significant and otherwise, are expressed publicly from an alter transcending the boundaries of nations, time and language; forming a positive brand image and maintaining it is a task that summons an army of knights!
Listed below are few pros and cons of crisis in the digital age, do share your feedback

Integrated Marketing

Integration Vs Expertise

What is the best way to look at a campaign? Has one consultancy manage the end-to-end execution or bring in specialists to manage each unique part of the campaign that is best suited for? Do all integrated firms have expertise all across the value chain? Can they provide the same results as multiple independent experts can bring to the table? Do Independents have the expertise of understanding the whole piece and effectively aligning to the 360-degree campaign? These are some of the things that bother brand managers and marketers, while there is no one right answer, but here are few points to consider, while planning your campaign


Shrinking newsrooms and increased challenges of communicators

The extended lockdown leading large scale layoffs across the media houses has shrunk the newsrooms. These are extraordinary times for everyone, journalists and public relations practitioners, both trying to adjust to new realities. Here are 5 things that you as a PR practitioner can do, to not only remain afloat but also help your clients stay visible until we all adjust to the new normal.


9 lessons we can learn from Goddess Durga

Wish you a very happy Dussehra to you all, may Goddess Durga shower her choicest blessings on you all. Goddess Durga has nine manifestations and each has a story and lesson for us to emulate and learn. As the festival comes to an end, here are nine lessons we can learn from goddess Durga and her many forms.

virtual office

Unoffice Consultancies

Are PR consultancies ready to give up their office space and service clients using virtual means even post-pandemic? Will physical office space never go out of vogue and the sector will be back to its original form when the pandemic vanishes? What will the industry and its employees expect their ideal workplace to be? What will change and what will not? These are some of the questions the industry is ceased with but no clear answer emerging yet. If you have your views on this, kindly share in the comments below.

data storytelling

Enter the age of data-driven storytelling

We all are adapt at pitching stories based on research reports, but can we create a report from the excel sheet or can we churn stories from a large chunk of data and statistics. If the answer is no, you are not alone, but can you train yourself in becoming data visualizers and data storytellers? Of course yes, and that is what will be one of the most important tasks of communicators in the future. Be a data storyteller, it pays!


7 Insights I learnt from Startups

I have been working with #Startups right from early-stage to #Minicorn, #Soonicorn and #Unicorns. And eagerly looking forward to working with #Decacorn and #Hectocorn Startups. Right from 2013 to date, I have learnt hundreds of things from these brilliant #entrepreneurs, who want to make the world a better place to live. Sharing with you 7 insights that I have gathered and urging you to share more from your own experience.

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