Who will solve your problem?

Who will solve your problem?

In the Hindu mythology stories, you must have observed when Lord Indra (God of Heaven) is in trouble, he reaches out to Brahma (God of creation). When Brahma cannot solve Indra’s problem, he takes Indra along and reaches out to Lord Vishnu (God of preservation). If the problem is grave and even Vishnu does not have a solution, he reaches out to Lord Shiva (God of transformation). But when the problem is graver, he along with all other Gods reaches out to Goddess Mahakali. This is an upward escalation of a problem. The problem is if the Goddess solves the problem, next time all the Gods will directly reach out to her. So the Goddess has to solve the problem of Shiva, why is he not able to solve Vishnu’s problem? Shiva has to solve Vishnu’s problem, why he is not able to solve Brahma’s problem and so on, soRead More

Do you believe in ‘Fake it, till you make it’?

Do you believe in ‘Fake it, till you make it’?

This is nothing but exuding confidence in something that you are not sure of and acting like you know what it takes to do it. But there’s a fine line between that sentiment and a flat-out lie and you had better be on the right side of it if your business or career can be at stake. On the other hand, you may very well know how to do it but do not come across as confident enough. Even if you may be producing amazing results at your job or in other areas of your life, yet others may still not see you as being competent. Here are 3 tips that can help you exude confidence in what you do and appear more competent 1) Memorize your success – when someone asks what’s new? speak what you were able to achieve in the recent past2) Master body language – thisRead More

Everyone should be a sports fan!

Everyone should be a sports fan!

Yesterday was a euphoric day for Indians when our team beat #Australia in a Test match held in Australia. #Cricket fans joy knew no bounds but at the same time, even non-cricket fans joined the celebrations and congratulating the team across social platforms. #Sports has something that unites, binds people into one big community and each member of the community experience a kindred spirit and feel closer even to the stranger. Sports fans have a common language, which makes conversations and understanding easier across generations and various backgrounds. You always have something to talk about. Fans feel ecstatic when their team wins, upset when a player is hurt, and sad when the team loses. Sport is great for mental health too as it boosts your testosterone and oxytocin levels. Sports help you get that short escape from your daily routine, even if it is for few hours, you are awayRead More

Spot the turnaround specialists in your team

Spot the turnaround specialists in your team

Turnarounds are heroic, which is why they can never be predicted. What the Indian lower order did today is one of the finest examples of a turnaround in the world of cricket. Looking at what happened, wise people can say that it’s not a rookie job, if you closely look at the guys involved in the turnaround in this test, you will realize that most of them have scripted a turnaround story in their real lives too. The 29-year-old Thangarasu Natarajan, born in a family with a daily-wage worker in the weaving industry for a father, Thangarasu and a roadside meat seller for a mother, Shantha, Natarajan comes from Chinnappampatti, a tiny village near Salem, Tamil Nadu. He never had enough money for luxuries like cricket gear and shoes. For many years, Natarajan had to think a hundred times before investing in new shoes. His mother cried when she sawRead More

work life integration

Work-life Balance paves way for Work-Life Integration in the #Covid19 Era

Since the #lockdown, work seems to have settled quite well in our homes and with that, the balance has gone on a vacation. We need to adopt the idea that few entrepreneurs have been able to successfully implement and that is called ‘Work-life Integration’, which is nothing but a holistic way of working in synergy with our overall environment, including our family and personal health. Here are a three basic recommendations that might be useful…


How much is too much, when it comes to branding

Branding and brand strategy today are some of the most clichéd and monotonous words heard in marketing conferences, board room discussions and now webinars. What has changed however is the broad definition of the term and the scope of platforms where these can be implied. From smartphone screens to tablets, laptops, inflight and travel entertainment to the parallel universe of the virtual world, the canvas for painting the brand image has exploded, almost as existentially, as the Big Bang that created the universe. And while markets, consumers, the media universe, virtual world and economies themselves are still coming to terms with this massive revolution, it is the marketing minds that hold the answers to the ultimate brand evolution. While marketing plays a key role in every stage of brand evolution and business success, the tone of advertisement commercials, best exposure to vital demographics and ROI from the process demands dedicatedRead More

Digital Crisis

Crisis in the digital age

In an era when the smallest happenings, the faintest experiences and opinion on matters both significant and otherwise, are expressed publicly from an alter transcending the boundaries of nations, time and language; forming a positive brand image and maintaining it is a task that summons an army of knights!
Listed below are few pros and cons of crisis in the digital age, do share your feedback

Integrated Marketing

Integration Vs Expertise

What is the best way to look at a campaign? Has one consultancy manage the end-to-end execution or bring in specialists to manage each unique part of the campaign that is best suited for? Do all integrated firms have expertise all across the value chain? Can they provide the same results as multiple independent experts can bring to the table? Do Independents have the expertise of understanding the whole piece and effectively aligning to the 360-degree campaign? These are some of the things that bother brand managers and marketers, while there is no one right answer, but here are few points to consider, while planning your campaign

Entrepreneur's Hustle

Living the life of an entrepreneur

What differentiates successful people than the average ones? Why only a few people are able to do or achieve something that we can only admire and appreciate? Why we stop at only being an average? Through this short note, introducing you to the 40% rule coined by Dave Goggins, a Navy SEAL and world’s toughest man alive. 40% rule was brought alive by Jesse Itzler when he and his family decided to stay with the SEAL for 30 days.


Shrinking newsrooms and increased challenges of communicators

The extended lockdown leading large scale layoffs across the media houses has shrunk the newsrooms. These are extraordinary times for everyone, journalists and public relations practitioners, both trying to adjust to new realities. Here are 5 things that you as a PR practitioner can do, to not only remain afloat but also help your clients stay visible until we all adjust to the new normal.