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working mothers

Pandemic and the vulnerability of working mothers

This pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to many but I believe one section of our workforce who is suffering the most is working mothers. It’s not easy to be a mom of school-going children, manages their online studies as well as tantrums, family needs and upkeep of their homes while giving 100% focus to their work. The industry leaders need to take notice of this and bring in policies that would support them in such trying times.

Mental Wellness

Is the PR industry facing a mental health crisis?

Today, we observe ‘World Mental Health Day’, a day to recognize the importance of mental wellbeing. We has PR professionals would have tired all our best to get our clients quoted in as many industry stories on mental health, but have we given a thought on mental wellbeing amongst us? Our profession is quite stressful, leading to multiple mental health issues, we need more discussion on this topic within our fraternity.

Kitna Deti Hai?

Kitna deti hai?

The obsession with print, front page coverage, Times of India, Economic Times, etc., is not going to end any time soon in India. While all the talk of strategy, analytics, integrated communication, influencer engagement etc. is good for discussion, in the end what matters is, “did you get ET?” or “When are we going to get featured in Tech Crunch?”

Love your PR partners

Love your PR partners

For corporate communicators, startup entrepreneurs and industry leaders working with PR partners or still thinking of hiring a PR partners, here are 5 reasons why you will fall in love with them. There are many more reasons than these 5, but most important thing is that they love your brand and want to see you succeed at all costs.


Change has passed us, where are you?

Change is inevitable, but it is difficult for us to quickly adapt to it, yet we have to brace ourselves and brave it. Here are 10 changes that have almost already passed through our industry, if we don’t figure out how to deal with it soon, we will be left redundant.

crisis management

Making your organization crisis ready

No organization can evade crisis for ever, every organization has to face to atleast one in a lifetime and it can destroy the reputation of an organization for ever. Hence it is recommend to take steps to prepare your organization to tackle all kind of crisis scenarios

Will Indian brands ever take a stand against real social evils?

Will Indian brands ever take a stand against real social evils?

When George Floyd was murdered, many global brands came out of their comfort zones and took a stand against racial discrimination, changed their processes, branding and messaging to show solidarity with the movement #BlackLivesMatters. But in India, when thousands of country’s daughters are subject to gruesome acts of rape, murder, lynching etc., you rarely see any brand standing up and raising the voice. What stops them? Is profit everything? Will you buy from such a brand? Does #WomenLivesMatter or Migrants or Unemployment matter to brands? Will the new generation buy from brands who don’t have a purpose towards the society?

Set yourself free

Set yourself free

We are often hassled, frustrated with things around us and feel that we are enslaved in something that we cannot break free. We need to cut ourselves from the clutches of technology and mobile phone and get into the nature to experience the real freedom, peace and happiness

An Artist

Not everyone can become an artist, but an artist can come from anywhere!

However, every work is a chance to do art, each time we get to it. We are known as an artist only if we succeed in creating art, more number of times than any other average worker. An artist need not be only from creative fields, there are artists, who work with numbers, business models and conversations. Art needs to be about intent and communication, not substances as Seth Godin would state it. He says an artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist will never be a cog in the wheel, he is driven by his own terms. Having said that, you can still see artists all around us. Sometimes, even at the supermarket, where an exceptional customer service representative uses a conversation to convert an angry customer into a raving fan. This line I happen to hear it yesterday,Read More

Influencer marketing catching steam in times of Covid19

Influencer marketing catching steam in times of Covid19

How #Covid19 has given a boost to influencer marketing like never before. When it becomes difficult for consumers to the difference between real and fake news, they turn to their trusted influencers to seek advice and opinion. Influencer Marketing will see a further rise in the coming months even post covid. Check the #Infographic