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Unoffice Consultancies

Are PR consultancies ready to give up their office space and service clients using virtual means even post-pandemic? Will physical office space never go out of vogue and the sector will be back to its original form when the pandemic vanishes? What will the industry and its employees expect their ideal workplace to be? What will change and what will not? These are some of the questions the industry is ceased with but no clear answer emerging yet. If you have your views on this, kindly share in the comments below.

Why people leave jobs

Why do people leave their jobs?

There are multiple reasons why people leave their jobs, sometimes combinations of many factors, yet the most famous reasons are that people leave their managers and not their companies. Of course, bosses are important reasons for employee attrition but there are other reasons as well, which needs attention, listed here are 5 initiatives companies can take to improve retention. If you know of more, kindly add in the comments section.

saying no

Saying ‘No’ is not always negative

We always wish to be the ‘Yes Person’, always positive, available for others, role model, mentor, guide etc., but sometimes these additional tasks leave us stretched and stressed, impacting our core productivity. When your productivity drops, you get dropped from other roles as well, making you feel marginalized and neglected. Hence here are some thoughts on when you have to say ‘No’, and when it is appropriate to say ‘Yes’. Would love to hear your views in the comments below


Not if? But When?

Trolling today is a global menace and any brand can come under the attack with or without any agenda, hence the question brands are trying to answer is not, what if they get trolled but when? Social media today has given voice to everyone wielding a smartphone and we as brand custodians have to listen to those voices. Though not an expert on trolling but sharing few thoughts, which can be further expanding or corrected basis your feedback and experience. Please share your views in the comments below.

data storytelling

Enter the age of data-driven storytelling

We all are adapt at pitching stories based on research reports, but can we create a report from the excel sheet or can we churn stories from a large chunk of data and statistics. If the answer is no, you are not alone, but can you train yourself in becoming data visualizers and data storytellers? Of course yes, and that is what will be one of the most important tasks of communicators in the future. Be a data storyteller, it pays!


7 Insights I learnt from Startups

I have been working with #Startups right from early-stage to #Minicorn, #Soonicorn and #Unicorns. And eagerly looking forward to working with #Decacorn and #Hectocorn Startups. Right from 2013 to date, I have learnt hundreds of things from these brilliant #entrepreneurs, who want to make the world a better place to live. Sharing with you 7 insights that I have gathered and urging you to share more from your own experience.

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PR and the art of diplomacy

Tact or diplomacy is understanding why someone is speaking or acting in a certain way and responding sensitively. Easier said than done, but if we practice this skill sincerely, we can do very well in our personal lives and specifically in our career. Sharing few tips that can help you get started on this journey, in case you are yet to take the first step!


The Client – Consultancy Chasm

PR consultancy and client relationship is almost like a marriage, few seem to be just made in heaven; while others pass through the storm almost every day, leading to an unpleasant and sour break-up. Though not easy, but the responsibility of making sure the relationship lasts is majorly on the consultancy, because unlike marriage the consultancy get paid to ensure the continuity. Read on and make sure you leave your comment with agreement or disagreement. Open to hear both side of the story.

12 Tips for budding PR practitioners

12 tips for budding PR practitioners

I landed up in a public relations job by an accident. I was running my weekly publication, which wasn’t doing that well, and my family was fighting a major medical and financial crisis. One day a good soul showed up in the hospital and asked me to drop what I was doing and join a five-star luxury hotel as its PR Manager. The position was the first for the hotel and they had also sacked the PR firm as I was taking over the PR role. I knew nothing about the craft but fortunately was saved because I was assigned a desktop computer, which had all the work done by the earlier PR firm. That desktop taught me how to write press releases, media invites, preparing coverage dossiers etc., and I survived this fiercely competitive and exhilarating industry. To aid my survival, I started reading anything and everything on publicRead More

PR for PR

PR for PR

We have heard this statement multiple number of times, primarily when the word ‘PR’ is used loosely in any random events. But apart from discussing within a fraternity, the industry on the whole is still to achieve the outcome that can be called as satisfactory. What is missing? How can each one of us play a part in making this possible? Let’s discuss…